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Adult Care Plans

  • The Basic Plan provides the following benefits;
    • all your regular examinations
    • small x-rays*
    • 25% discount on routine fillings
    • 25% discount on routine extractions
    • 10% discount on standard items that require laboratory work such as dentures, crowns, veneers and bridgework
    • 10% discount on root canal therapy
    • 10% off the cost of necessary home visits
  • The Hygiene 2 Plan. This is intended for those patients who have healthy gums but, in order to maintain their gum health, require regular visits to the hygienist / therapist for routine scaling and polishing. In addition to those of the Basic Plan, the following benefits will  apply;
    • twice yearly visits to the therapist for routine scaling and polishing.
  • The Hygiene 4 Plan is intended for those  patients who exhibit increased levels of scale build up or staining that requires  more regular hygiene visits. It may also be recommended for those patients who  show earlysigns of gum disease  as an initial measure to try to arrest the progression. The benefits of the  Hygiene 4 plan are the same as the Hygiene 2 Plan with the following variation.
    • four annual hygiene visits to the therapist
  • The Soft Tissue Plan. As the entrance  to the body, the soft tissues of the mouth are prone to various diseases that  must be recognised quickly for effective treatment to be provided. The  importance of this is apparent when typically over 5,400 cases of oral cancer  are diagnosed each year. While a soft tissue examination is provided at every  routine dental examination, Denpoint recognises that there are patients who  have none or very few teeth and while not requiring a full dental care plan,  need the comfort of having regular soft tissue examinations to ensure a healthy  mouth. This plan is typically open to patients with full dentures and provides  the following benefits:
    • An annual soft tissue examination by a dentist
    • Referral to a NHS hospital for a second opinion where necessary
    • Incidental examination of any soft tissue  problems arising
    • 10% of cost of denture adjustments, relines and repairs
    • 10% off the cost of new dentures and necessary home visits

*X-rays taken intra-orally where the film is placed inside the mouth

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